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2018-2019 Staff

Julia Rodriguez


Greetings! I'm Julia Rodriguez, the Editor-in-Chief at the Tornado Press. I'm a sophomore in the education track, and it's my second year on the school newspaper staff. Writing is my passion, so when I entered BETA my freshman...

John Escareno


Heya! My name's John. I'm the super duper cool Co-Editor. I'm a sophomore here at BETA, in the tech track, and love writing! I love to focus on the entertainment industry, from movies to music to books, I can cover it all! I hope...

Erin Krska

Copy Editor

Hey, I'm Erin and I'm a copy editor for the Tornado Press. I like to play instruments and I also really love learning. I enjoy researching and learning about whatever's going on in the world. If you want to know some random facts,...

Deisiree De Jesus

Copy Editor

Hi, I'm Desiree, one of the three copy editors for the newspaper! I'm a 9th grader in the technology track. I love to write stories for my own enjoyment, and my favorite genres of books include romance, action/adventure, fantasy,...

Shanna Thomas

Copy Editor

Hi, I'm Shanna Thomas, and I'm a sophomore in the education track. Reading and editing has been my passion for the many years I have existed in the world.  Hopefully, I become a superb writer throughout the many articles I will...

Calib Rodriguez


Hi. I’m Calib Rodriguez, a photographer for the tornado press, I love to read, play video games, and yell. Contrary to common belief, I am not a senior, I’m actually a freshman, the beard fools everyone. Oh! Almost forgot, I love to tell jokes, whether th...

Jorge Cortez


Hello, my name is Jorge Cortez. I am one of the two photographers for the newspaper. In my free time, I practice the trumpet, am learning to play guitar, and either do live streams or edit videos for my YouTube channel. Writing...

Evelyn Rodriguez

Staff Writer

I am a sophomore and in the business track. I'm in book club, PSTO, and I enjoy dancing. I don't know what to put but have a good day :)

Christine Leal

Staff Writer

Heyo, I'm Christine. I'm a sophomore in the technology track. I love video games, puzzles, and drawing. I enjoy listening to alternative and rock music. I'm in TSA and UIL.

Victoria Salinas

Staff Writer

My name is Victoria. I love sushi, my favorite color is pink, I love Doctor Who, I really enjoy drawing, and I love to be with my dogs.

Andrea Cantu

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Andrea Cantu. I am a freshman in the business track. I enjoy photography and writing. I like to write about pop culture and current events. I find writing album reviews, movie reviews, and social problems interesting...

Aliyah Hernandez

Circulation Manager

Greetings and salutations, I'm Aliyah. I'm in ninth grade and the circulation manager of the Tornado Press. I'm in the technology track and I love photo shopping. My hobbies include jamming out to Classic Rock, 70's, & 80's...

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