Promposals Times Ticking!

Haleigh Brown and Catherine Castillo, Contributing Writers

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It’s time!

If you haven’t asked someone yet, it’s time to get going!  Simply asking someone “Will you go to Prom with me?” isn’t enough anymore. If you’re planning to hit the dance floor , it’s time to get a move on!  I’m sure there’s a date out there for anyone or there’s someone waiting for you to ask them, you just need some courage. Let this be the push you need to ask.

Marcelo Mendiola came up with a unique way to prompose to Catherine Castillo.


Haleigh Brown surprised her lifelong best friend, Carlos Vera, with the important question.


If you’re scared that your idea may be used or don’t have a clue what to yet, here are some things that may set a plan for that important question:

  • “Prom?” ⭙ yay or ⭙ neigh
  • “LEGO to Prom?”
  • Run to prom with me “Just do it!”
  • “Are you up for prom?”
  • “On a scale of one to ‘Merica. How free are you to Prom?”
  • “Drive with me to prom?”
  • “Will you Van Gogh to prom with me?”
  • “Will you be my sunshine at prom?”

There are more ideas on how to ask, it’s your choice to choose from these ideas. Girls if you’re waiting for that guy to ask you but it seems like its taking forever, embrace that woman power and ask him yourself. There’s no time to be afraid to ask. With only a 9 days until prom, you mustn’t be scared to show your courage. Haleigh Brown ( in the picture above) actually asked her date to prom. If that isn’t a push to ask then I don’t know what is, if she can do it then all girls can! Everybody has a chance to make this night a “night to remember”, embrace it! Prom night is considered to be the last night that seniors get to spend their night bonding as a class. Let your promposal be the one that no one forgets!




Jose Salinas ask Karen Villarreal with no other option than “yes.”

Marco Charles and his friends gather to assist Marco in asking Haley Ticas to Prom.

Jose Oscar Lopez asks Fatima Rodriguez with a poster reading “…if you would Van Gogh with me to prom

Carlos Mata surprises his “sunshine”, Aylie Moya with a lovely poster.