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Review: Fortnite

April 13, 2018



Over the last few months, the interactive video-game, Fortnite, has taken the world by storm and has set a new precedent for online gaming. It is an amazing blend of shooting and building that is unlike anything else in competitive gaming. As the name suggests, Fortnite Battle Royale fits perfectly into the battle royale genre. Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite was originally seen as a third-person survival game where you can make teams of four with your friends and mine resources and build forts to fight off enemies. A maximum of 100 players are dropped from a plane into the battleground. The map is constantly becoming smaller and smaller in order to gather everyone up in a small place and force players to fight each other.

On the map there are several made up cities like shifty shafts or tilted towers (the most famous one). Each city has different structures and certain cities have more loot than others. Loot is what players are scavenging for which includes: guns, bandages, med-kits etc. There are different categories of guns depending in the rarity scale. You can find grey guns (common), green guns (uncommon), blue guns (rare), purple guns (epic) or orange guns(legendary). The rarer the gun is the more damage it inflicts on other players. Once players start gathering their loot, they will end up facing enemies. You can either build to protect yourself or shoot and try to kill the enemy. If you eliminate the enemy, all of their loot jumps in the air and you can take his/her ammunition, healing items and other materials.

Fortnite has become such a popular game that updates and releases have been received at an incredibly quick pace. Epic Games developers are constantly fixing bugs that appear in the game and they also keep adding new features in order to keep the audience captivated. Since the game’s initial launch, Epic Games have added new guns like the mini-gun, hunting rifle and crossbow. The most recent update in the game introduced the guided missile. It is only found in epic and legendary scales and it exploits the weak points of enemy constructions by aiming your own missile. Updates like these make the audience feel excited about the game because it constantly keeps changing.

In the few months since its initial release, Fortnite has taken over the gaming world with its perfect blend of open-world mechanics and frenetic multi-player combat. It is a stellar experience with so much to offer to the average consumer.

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