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BETA Holmes Cadet members meet with UTRGV professors

February 9, 2018

Holmes Cadet participants

Holmes Cadet participants

On February 15th, selected Holmes Cadet students will present their research finding to UTRGV professors.  The Holmes Cadet is a program that consists of selected students from the education track here at BETA,sponsored by J. Tite, R. Gonzalez, and Y. Ocasio.

On January 15th, professors from URGV traveled to BETA and met with the Holmes Cadet members in the Gateway to the World Library.

Later in the program, the students will complete concurrent college courses from UTRGV to improve their skills in becoming educators. Along with the courses, students from all grade levels have to be involved in a Participatory Action research project. In this project, the students will have to conduct research on what needs work in school systems, such as teacher quality and language barriers.  The goal of this project is to open the eyes of the professors at UTRGV and place emphasis on what needs to be changed in our schools. Through this program, students can earn scholarships, along with learning how to conduct research projects and gaining presentation skills. Periodically, the UTRGV professors that are assisting these students with their project will visit their school, whether it’s during the school hours or after, to guide them on their projects.

In the most recent meeting on January 15th, the members made progress on their research. Many groups collected information from the library databases, conducted literature review, developed and refined their research question, created surveys and interviews to assist them in their research, and distributed those surveys. After 8 hours of hard work and information collection, the Holmes Cadet students left lab 2 feeling tired, but productive.


For more information on this program, you can visit this website-

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