Album Review: Mono. By RM

The Album Cover

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The Album Cover

Andrea Cantu, Staff Writer

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The seven-track “playlist,” as RM calls it, was released on October 23, 2018. This is the rapper’s second album since “RM” was released in 2015, when his name was still “Rap Monster”.

While “RM” has more hard-hitting rap and lyrics that make it seem as if he was mad at the world, “mono.” has a calmer vibe, with deep, thoughtful lyrics. This album features several artists like duo producers, HONNE, eAeon from the duo Korean alternative band, MOT, and Nell, a Korean Indie rock band. “Mono.” consists of seven tracks; Tokyo, Seoul (prod. HONNE), Moonchild, Badbye ft. eAeon, Uhgood, Everythingoes ft. Nell, and forever rain. Three tracks from the album, Forever Rain, Seoul and Moonchild, all have official music videos, Seoul and Moonchild being lyric videos.

Tokyo, the album’s only all English song, is rather deep. RM talks about himself and how he feels during dark times. He starts off the song with a simile,

“Wake up in Tokyo, feel like a torso”.

This means “feeling like something, that’s only a piece of what it was”, or in other words, something unfinished. Basing off the dictionary meaning of “torso”, it means “the trunk of a statue without, or considered independently of, the head and limbs”. When used in lyrical context, this means after awaking, the person feels so detached from themselves; their body doesn’t feel together and whole.

The second verse itself is something to think about,

“Life is a word that sometimes you cannot say

And ash is a thing that someday we all should be

When tomorrow comes

How different it’s gonna be?

Why do love and hate sound just the same to me?”

RM refers to a cremation, a funeral or post-funeral rite where the dead human body is burned and turned into ashes. The high heat of the cremation process destroys DNA, so a person can’t be identified from their ashes. In other words, when someone is cremated, they lose their identity. In this second verse, RM doubts if he is really living or if he lost who he is and is simply a living corpse, waiting to be cremated.

You can have a taste of these calming vibes below:

Forever Rain Music Video:

Seoul Lyric Video:

Moonchild Lyric Video: